The Dowsing Companion

By David Green

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Below  are just some of the reviews that we have received from readers of The Dowsing Companion. Original letters are available for inspection upon request in writing.

The author would also like to express his thanks and appreciation to everyone who has been kind enough to provide such positive feedback on his work.

“ Dear David, Thank you for the personal response. I bought your book on Kindle and am loving it! ' The Dowsing Companion' is an absolutely invaluable resource! Thank you”.

- J. F (USA) -

“ It is a great book on dowsing. It is easy to understand and packed with useful information. Highly Recommended.”

- Pixie (USA) -

Reader’s Reviews

“Thanks for producing this. I have been searching for this type of information for years and haven’t been able to find it till now. It’s a perfect companion guide.”

- P. W (UK) -

““For once, a dowsing book with no fluff and plenty of practical information. I enjoyed it and will keep it handy when I dowse.” ”

- J. P (UK) -

“ This is the first time I have found anything sensible on psychic protection in any dowsing book, and it was worth it just for that, thanks for the info and the help with my dowsing.”

- G. P (UK) -

“ Easy to read, succinct and helpful in an unusually practical way for a dowsing book and no filler, just loaded with information. Interesting too by the way, cheers.”

- H. F (Scotland) -                                                                                                          - H. F (Scotland) -.”

- G. P (UK) -





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Reader’s Reviews

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“ Thanks so much. It's a wonderful book.”

- A. P (USA) -

“ This is the best book on dowsing that I have come across. It is up to date, sensible and very practical, and I appreciate the online resources, which are very helpful. My thanks to the author.”

- J. J (UK) -

“ Just got this book today...So awesome that its difficult to put down! It

covers more than I ever expected it to cover including a most important

guide to ethics, and working with frequencies only the few ever realize

are in play. I have other books on dowsing but this is the real

deal...This is THE must have for the serious...I'm about half way

through this edition and very likely will buy a hard copy, for my book

shelf, to go with my Kindle edition...”

- Nick - New York (USA) -